Things to look for when hiring a photo booth rental in Melbourne

One of the most stressful experiences a couple goes through in their lifetime is planning their wedding party. While the wedding expense can be off the charts, the supplier difficulties are the foremost contributing stress factor.

A wedding in Melbourne can receive top entertainment value with a photo booth hire. It is because a photo booth rental in Melbourne is considered as the most effective way of creating memorable and fun experiences for the couple and their guests.

Another compelling reason for photo booth rental is the (free) handful of prints supplied to every guest of the event.


Things to look for when hiring a Photo Booth Rental


Here are a few things to look for when hiring a photo booth rental:

  • Only a photo booth rental with a sterling reputation should be entrusted with your wedding photo booth
  • The photo booth hire should have many years of experience tucked firmly under their belt. Your wedding deserves a company that delivers excellent service consistently even with curve balls thrown at them. This goes for the photo booth Rental Company and attendants as well.
  • There are usually advanced bookings between 12-18 months for weddings. A photo booth rental company should show experience in this particular field for more than 3 years before you consider hiring them. It has been discovered that photo booth companies with less than 3 years experience are unlikely to deliver the experience you deserve for your wedding or other special occasions.

  • Make sure that the photo booth rental has processes, systems, and checks to deliver perfect photo services to make the event fun and enjoyable to all. This means that the system delivers on the claim of providing the photo booth at the exact time of your event. Find out as well the emergency contingencies they have in place if something unexpected happens. The photo booth rental company to go for has tried and tested emergency processes to cope with the unexpected.
  • A too-good-to-be-true rate quote from a photo booth rental is usually true. The thing to avoid is photo booth rentals that offer a far cheaper price covering the same services. There’s a big chance they may leave you high and dry during the event.
  • Check the offered package details. Check out that the package deal does not contain hidden expenses such as restrictions and travel costs. There are photo booth rentals that only offer one print per session.
  • Check their past work. Checking out the past work of a photo booth rental is easy since they obviously offer a visual service. Additionally, ask them for testimonials and examples. Take a look at their social media platforms especially on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Find out the number of people working for the photo booth rental company. There have been loads of sob stories wherein the lack of personnel during an event led to palming off another company to an event. A bigger team will make this scenario unlikely to happen.


A meaningful and lasting impact is created when the hired photo booth delivers on the claim. We are here to help you achieve lifetime memories with your friends and loved ones on your most important event. Contact photo booth hire in Melbourne from 7Events to document your event.

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