Best Places in New Zealand to Bird Watch

New Zealand is recognized as the capital for pelagic birding in the whole world. It has approximately 80 endemic bird species. These bird species form 85% of all the taxa. As a result, a high percentage of New Zealand’s birds are endemic. Its environment is full of marine life which is the reason behind the diversity and the abundance of seabird life. This country has a total of 97 smaller petrel species and 47 of them are found mainly on the seas of New Zealand.

The best places in New Zealand to bird watch are as follows:

Muriwai Gannet colony

This location is located at a walking distance from the end point of Motutara Road. This site consists of the mainland gannet breeding colonies species. Other species found at this site are the white-fronted terns and the blue penguin species.  During the spring period, you are likely to spot the fur seals at the island of Oaia which is situated at a distance of 1.6km from the coast.

Miranda Shorebird Centre

This centre has an international significance because of its wetland nature. It has got bird species that exceeds 130 in number. This is the best site to visit at any time of the year to watch the wrybill because half of its population stop to winter at this site. This site is recognized as the main stopover for birds that keep migrating between the breeding grounds of the Arctic and the withering sites located in New Zealand and Australia.

Tiritiri Matangi Island

This is identified as a scientific reserve that is open to the public. The location has a great partnership with the Conservation Department and its dedicated volunteers. It tracks, networks and boardwalks are well defined with many bird species.

Auckland Zoo

This is the only place that you will view a kiwi. It has a dim moonlight allowing the tours to view the kiwi foraging for small worms and also small bugs to eat. This site is recognized as the best home for the precious and native bird species of New Zealand. This is the only public nocturnal location that allows the viewing of the kiwi. It is situated on Motions Road that is found in Western Springs.

Pollen Island

This site is also known as the Motu Manawa Marine reserve. It is located at Avondale, a place that is on the boundary of North-western Motorway. The easily accessed boat ramp is Atatu Boating club that is situated at Bridge Avenue. Pollen Island is recognized as the main resting spot for birds that like traveling on the shores. These birds are the dotterels, the branded rail, the terns, the fernbirds, the grey warbler, the oystercatchers and the spoonbills.