What steps should you follow before selecting a function room in Nundah?

Whenever you are planning to host a function, there are so many things that will always linger in your mind, which means that you will end up forgetting some of the most important things.  One of the things that most people often forget is selecting a suitable function room where they can host their events.  However, the kind of function room that you host the event will determine how fun and enjoyable your function will be.  Therefore you have to ensure that you take some time to ensure that you select a suitable function room in Nundah for the function that you are planning to host. 

Unfortunately, selecting a function room is very challenging, especially because there are so many function rooms available, all with different tastes for the clients who need them. A function room is a large room in a hotel, club, etc., for events such as parties and weddings. This is why it pays to have a number of steps that you need to follow when looking for function rooms to ensure that you do not make any mistakes as you make your selection. For this reason, if you have been planning to host a function, you have nothing to worry about seeing this article provides you with the steps that you need to follow anytime you’re looking for a function room for your occasion.

Steps to follow when selecting a function room in Nundah

In case you are working for a function room in Nundah, make sure that you are following the following steps and you will select the right function room for your event;

  • Come up with a budget

Before you begin looking for a function room, it is important for you to consider coming up with a budget to guide you on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the function room.  There are so many function rooms available in Nundah and all of them are available at different prices.  Therefore you need a budget that will help you select the function room that is affordable to you.

  • Decide on the number of guests to invite

 Some people begin looking for function rooms even without knowing the number of guests that they will be inviting to their functions.  Therefore, once you come up with a budget, the next thing to do is consider the number of guests you will be inviting.

  • Check on the capacity of the function room

The capacity of the function rooms that you select is always determined by the number of guests that you will be inviting in your function.   They have since you already know the number of guests that you will be hosting. You need to select a spacious function room that can accommodate all your guests.

  •  Consider suitable location

It is also essential that you consider this if the function room will be selected.  The most ideal function room should be located in an area that is easily accessible to ensure that your guests reach the Venue without any problems.

  • Check the available amenities

There are different types of amenities that you will require when you are hosting an event in a function room. Therefore, have a last of the amenities you will need and consider selecting the function room that offers all the amenities you need.

  •  Consider the security and safety of the function room

It is important for your guests to feel that they are in the safest place and that even if they park their expensive and delicate vehicles, they will still have a good time without worrying about anything happening to them. This is why you need to consider the level of safety and security of the function you select.

Unless you are hosting an urgent event, you should take all the time that you have to select the right function room. Even if it’s your first time selecting function rooms, the above will guide you through the whole process. Just follow them and you will host your event in the best function rooms. Norths Devils have a function room. Why don’t you give them a visit to see if their rooms are a good fit for the event you want to hold?

Gold Coast function rooms suited for you

Special moments or experiences are frequently remembered based on an impression. Leaving a lasting impact on meeting attendees isn’t always easy for planners, and it can necessitate some careful planning.

Many function rooms in the Gold Coast boast amazing function spaces that can accommodate any event. Look no further if you’re searching for a handy inner-city function location with ample parking and other benefits offered.

Our devoted, pleasant and competent function staff can assist with arranging the perfect event to suit your taste and budget, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, gathering a few friends, organizing a corporate event, or caving a hens or bucks party.

Many function rooms have well-designed function rooms that can accommodate small and big social gatherings, as well as sit-down meals and business functions. Most of the rooms may have a distinctly contemporary design, as well as privacy and a variety of other amenities.

Holding a conference at a fascinating museum, theater, or sports complex provides a one-of-a-kind experience that ensures a memorable encounter. Event planners can create a unique setting that will pique guests’ interest before, during, and after the event. Here are some of the most significant advantages of holding meetings in function rooms.

Advantages of using a function room

Meetings that are remembered: Attendees are more likely to recall a meeting if the location is fascinating. I’m sure you can recollect the surroundings when you think back on your favorite memories. The same may be said about creating memorable meetings: The location of your event is critical in creating a lasting impression.

Improve your planning skills: Finding a different location for your event isn’t always easy. You’ll have to think outside the box and you might find it difficult to pull it off. Do you agree to take on the challenge? If that’s the case, choosing a unique setting will not only impress your guests but will also improve your planning skills. The cost of such a location will normally be higher than that of a standard meeting room, and there will be roadblocks along the way, but it will all be worth it in the end.

A refreshing change of pace: Event planners must venture off the beaten road and break away from the monotony of regular gatherings. The environment will have a significant impact on the experience your guests will have. Changing the venue will provide a welcome change of pace and may even increase turnout.

Unique venues are usually distinguished by their extraordinary architecture and spectacular interior components. Attendees should be ecstatic to learn that they will be surrounded by stunning visual components.

Value: The cost will be questioned, thus scaring away potential guests. Any budget issues should be outweighed by the value of what attendees can gain.

Alternative venue selection tips

What kind of event do you have planned? What is the most important thing to you? If your theme is food and drink, a museum might not be your first pick. Find out what the venue’s limitations are. Is food forbidden in specific locations, will Wi-Fi be difficult to get by, and will your event be primarily focused on networking possibilities or speakers?

Make use of the built-in decor and embrace the venue by sticking to the theme. Choose a site that will allow you to provide participants with something to do, such as a tour of art exhibits or an exploration of the venue with docents or on a self-guided tour.

Visit Gold Coast Turf Club and see if it fits your next event.

Things to look for when hiring a photo booth rental in Melbourne

One of the most stressful experiences a couple goes through in their lifetime is planning their wedding party. While the wedding expense can be off the charts, the supplier difficulties are the foremost contributing stress factor.

A wedding in Melbourne can receive top entertainment value with a photo booth hire. It is because a photo booth rental in Melbourne is considered as the most effective way of creating memorable and fun experiences for the couple and their guests.

Another compelling reason for photo booth rental is the (free) handful of prints supplied to every guest of the event.


Things to look for when hiring a Photo Booth Rental


Here are a few things to look for when hiring a photo booth rental:

  • Only a photo booth rental with a sterling reputation should be entrusted with your wedding photo booth
  • The photo booth hire should have many years of experience tucked firmly under their belt. Your wedding deserves a company that delivers excellent service consistently even with curve balls thrown at them. This goes for the photo booth Rental Company and attendants as well.
  • There are usually advanced bookings between 12-18 months for weddings. A photo booth rental company should show experience in this particular field for more than 3 years before you consider hiring them. It has been discovered that photo booth companies with less than 3 years experience are unlikely to deliver the experience you deserve for your wedding or other special occasions.

  • Make sure that the photo booth rental has processes, systems, and checks to deliver perfect photo services to make the event fun and enjoyable to all. This means that the system delivers on the claim of providing the photo booth at the exact time of your event. Find out as well the emergency contingencies they have in place if something unexpected happens. The photo booth rental company to go for has tried and tested emergency processes to cope with the unexpected.
  • A too-good-to-be-true rate quote from a photo booth rental is usually true. The thing to avoid is photo booth rentals that offer a far cheaper price covering the same services. There’s a big chance they may leave you high and dry during the event.
  • Check the offered package details. Check out that the package deal does not contain hidden expenses such as restrictions and travel costs. There are photo booth rentals that only offer one print per session.
  • Check their past work. Checking out the past work of a photo booth rental is easy since they obviously offer a visual service. Additionally, ask them for testimonials and examples. Take a look at their social media platforms especially on Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Find out the number of people working for the photo booth rental company. There have been loads of sob stories wherein the lack of personnel during an event led to palming off another company to an event. A bigger team will make this scenario unlikely to happen.


A meaningful and lasting impact is created when the hired photo booth delivers on the claim. We are here to help you achieve lifetime memories with your friends and loved ones on your most important event. Contact photo booth hire in Melbourne from 7Events to document your event.

Finding The Best Party Bus To Rent In Perth

Are you thinking of hiring a bus for a bachelor’s party, birthday party or just a simple night out with family or friends? Good news, there are many available party bus to rent in Perth. Party buses in Perth come in different sizes and shapes. Hence, it is important that you choose wisely and accordingly.


Tips Finding The Best Party Bus To Rent In Perth


To help you get started, below are a few tips you can follow to ensure you will be fully satisfied with the party bus you will rent when in Perth:


Plan ahead


Renting a party bus is common in Perth. Hence if you want to get the best bus, schedule ahead. Remember, best buses are always occupied and highly in demand hence as much as possible it is recommended that you set a schedule a month ahead.


Choose the right vehicle


It is important that before you rent a party bus, you already know the exact number of people going with you. You would not want to rent a party bus for 18 passengers if there are 25 who are coming.

Make sure that you know the exact headcount of the participants before choosing the vehicle to rent.

Call their customer service


Call their customer service and see how long they will pick up your call and how professional their customer service representatives are. By doing so, you can assess how well they can handle your concerns in case there are any.


Know the costing


Make sure that you completely understand the pay table when renting a party bus. Always remember that rates may change depending on where you plan to go in Perth, the time you will use the bus and so on.

Ask for additional charges like fees or taxes. This is also a great way for you to negotiate and ask for discounts.

For this aspect, it is recommended that you compare prices of two to three party bus company rates. When comparing, do not focus just on the price alone but the inclusion on the package and the quality of party bus and customer service you will get.


Know the fines and penalties


Make sure that you do not only ask things you can do with the party bus, but also things that you cannot do and may possibly get you penalised. Some party bus companies are strict with their policies, they immediately charge their customers who were late for few minutes returning the bus, or spill food on the floor.

To avoid extra fees, it is recommended that you ask things you must avoid, read the company’s policies and guidelines, and you have to take care of the party bus like it is yours.


Bring enough food and drinks


Sure, the trip will never be as exciting if you do not have enough food and drinks available to consume. Some party bus companies offer snacks and drinks included on their package, but needless to say, for the entire duration of the time, you need to have enough food and drinks available to avoid stop over and wasting of time.

If you follow the tips above, you will definitely find success in getting a party bus hire according to your needs and expectations.