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Stay tuned with the birding network in New Zealand and discover what's being done to save birds in peril, what threats birds in New Zealand are under and how communities and individuals and organizations are working to ensure their habitat and survival. 

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21 Jul 2009

Official launch of Birding West Coast Tuesday 21 July
Birding West Coast is being launched on the West Coast Tuesday 21 July and aims to get visitors staying longer in the region by promoting its unique bird-watching experiences.

18 Jun 2009

Parrots' return to Raoul Island 'a conservation first'
Stuff.co.nz The return of red-crowned parakeets or kakariki to Raoul Island after 150 years...

27 May 2009

DoC probes sighting of `extinct' kokako-stuff.co.nz
Golden Bay amateur ornithologist Alec Milne is convinced he's seen a South Island kokako...

21 Apr 2009

Many NZ bird species at risk - stuff.co.nz
New Zealand birds are struggling to survive, with many species and subspecies at risk, new research shows...

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