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Recommended Reading

Title: Where to Watch Birds in New Zealand

Author: Kathy Ombler

ISBN: 978-1-86966-154-0                                RRP: NZ$34.99

With its roll-call of unique land bird, prolific seabirds and unspoilt landscapes, New Zealand is a standout destination for birdwatchers.  In this book, Kathy Ombler introduces some of the country’s top birding sites, from remote sub-antarctic islands to sub-tropical coastlines, native forests, wetlands, island reserves and urban sanctuaries. Each location is described in first-hand detail, and includes maps and route directions, tips on when to go and what birds to look out for, details of specialist tour operators, accommodation and facilities. This book also contains a shortlist of iconic bird species and where to see them; a list encompassing most of the country’s endemics, natives and migrants; information on ornithological and conservation organisations; and key tips for visitors.

Kathy Ombler is a writer whose interests lie in conservation, travel and nature tourism.  In the past 25 years she had been involved in writing for conservation and tourism magazines and organisations. 

Title: The Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

Author: Barrie Heather & Hugh Robertson

ISBN: 0143020404

The only field guide officially endorsed by the Ornithological Society of NZ, this book is comprehensive and easy to use with an introduction to key bird-watching sites. It features 74 stunning colour paintings including of rare and recently extinct species, plus distribution maps and an in-depth guide to field identification. The additional handbook section includes details on the distribution, habitat, population, conservation, breeding, behaviour and feeding habits of each species.

The authors are both renowned NZ bird experts, and the paintings are by leading NZ bird artist, Derek Onley.  Also by the same authors is the Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand, ISBN: 014028835X 

Title: New Zealand Birds: An Identification Guide

Author: Stuart Chambers
ISBN: 978-0-7900-1144-8

New Zealand is home to many native, endemic and introduced bird species, many of which are difficult to easily identify.  This book will help readers learn about the birds they see around them using the simplest and most obvious identifying feature: colour.

The bird species in this book are grouped into sections of the most prominent colour displayed during a particular phase of development.  Each entry includes information about habitat, abundance, size, status (whether a bird is endemic, native or introduced), range, conspicuous features and differences between similar species.  Location information will assist the user in pinpointing where a species is most commonly seen, geographically and by type of environment, for example, at the beach or in the forest.

This easy guide to identifying birds in the NZ environment is a must for any reader interested in avian culture, and can be used as a reference work or in the field. 

Title: Beautiful Birds of New Zealand

Authors: Rod Morris & Alison Ballance
ISBN: 1-86941-810-7

New Zealand has an abundance of beautiful birds, from the iconic natives such as the kiwi through the common garden birds to the magnificent seabirds of the southern ocean.  This book is a celebration of their fascinating diversity: a selection of 100 species that occur in and around these islands.  This selection by the authors includes the unusual as well as the familiar, with birds from the suburbs featuring alongside species found only on remote islands, and rare natives as well as naturalised game birds.  The birds are ordered by habitat and ecological role, each illustrated with a full-page image paired with informative text on habits and habitats.

Alison Ballance is a wildlife film-maker and television producer whose work takes her all over the world.  Rob Morris is an award-winning natural history photographer and writer.


These books have helped with content for this web site:

New Zealand Birds, An Identification Guide – Stuart Chambers

Where to Watch Birds in New Zealand – Kathy Ombler

The Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand – Barrie Heather & Hugh Robertson

Beautiful Birds of New Zealand – Rod Morris & Alison Balance

Reader’s Digest Complete Book of New Zealand Birds